This isn’t just about computer repair.



Welcome! Our team of geeks is here to help you not only solve your technology problems, but also help you better understand how to use technology! We can help you optimize your computer, setup a secure home network, install and recommend software, teach you about your powerful smartphone and much more. We’re not huge like the Geek Squad, but that’s how we like it.

We’re a local small business that serves Clarksville, MD and surrounding areas including Columbia, Ellicott City and North Bethesda. We pride ourselves on having the ability to have a long-term relationship with clients so that we can service their needs as they change.

AK Computer Services was started by Aseem Kishore, who currently runs two popular tech blogs, Online Tech Tips and Help Desk Geek, that provide consumers with daily tutorials and tips on how to fix computer problems and be more productive using technology. Aseem noticed that even though his blogs provided users with great information, there were many cases where users would email asking if he could help them individually.